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Excellent work!

I wanna see what happens next.

SnakeElder responds:

Was on a deadline; maybe next time lol.

Still funny.

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I actually managed to beat the game. I have several issues:
1)It feels like you can only scoop a piece when the conveyor has stopped. This gives the player a very narrow window of opportunity when the beat is fast and often causes mistakes, and it feels unfair, cause you can see with your own eyes, that the piece is still there, but you can't scoop it up anymore and get the next one instead.
2)There is no way to discard a burger. Sometimes you coop the wrong piece, e.g. lettuce as base and the burger is ruined from the very beginning, but you can't throw it away and try anew, you have to keep ruining it further if you want to have it removed and try with the next one instead.

Other than that, the game is fine.

I have some issues with the game:
1)Some tree branches are walkable, but it's not indicated graphically. If I were you, I'd make them more distinct, like give them an outline or something.
2)There's a short delay before you start double jumping, which feels awkward.
3)It makes no sense that the guy with a helmet can only be defeated by goomba-stomping, cause the helmet is supposed to protect you from things falling onto you from above.
4)When you restart the game, it stutters for several seconds before restarting.

Other than that, I think you can make it into a decent game if you put in a little more time, cause right now it's just too short.

LongJumpProductions responds:

1. You're right. I am not even sure why I have that one tree it doesn't really add anything to the atmosphere or the gameplay, and it could also easily be mistaken for a background element.

2. The delay is supposed to be there, but maybe I should do some more adjusting to make it feel a little more natural.

3. The green jacket he wears is supposed to be an armor, which is why he can't be defeated by your attack, but I guess haven't really made that very obvious. The helmet guy is actually a lumberjack, which is why he wears a helmet. And the defeat animation is only temporary: stomping him was meant to only stun him, there was an animation where he was supposed to get the helmet down on his face when he gets stomped (I DM'ed you a sketch to show you what I mean) but because of how short the game is I thought that would overly complicate a very simple game, it would also be difficult to animate with the model I currently have rigged of the lumberjack. Even so, maybe I should consider removing the helmet all-together if it goes in the favor of better visual communication

4. Clearly my programming skills are very basic. I knew about the stuttering, but I couldn't manage to do anything about it. The double jump's sound effect also stutters, although the sound plays very quietly so I am sure you didn't even realize it had a sound effect.

Sorry that the game is so rushed I published it to newgrounds mainly so I could share it to my friends and teachers. But it is still a really interesting experience to hear about what strangers think of my first published game. So thank you for this helpful criticism, it is greatly appreciated! :)

Enemies spawning right in front of you are pure bullshit, but I love the dynamic shadows.

ZenoGameDev responds:

you are right, maybe I should make the fov of the player wider, btw thank you for liking the shadow effect!

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This is the best remix of Rock Garden I've heard so far!


I love your remix!
By the way, the song's called Pull Back The Bass, if I'm not mistaken


Actually, it's even better than the original song for your extra level from FPA 2!
I'll add it to favourites!

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I recognized him from the preview. Which means that this caricature is quite accurate.

I like the style, but I think it would look better if you used another brush for the outlines, with smoother edges, as if it was a vector drawing. Just my opinion, though.

Jumjumbalaya responds:

Yeah, It's not the best looking brush but I have shaky hands and it allows me a wider margin of error.

It's cool, but the high definition textures and environment mapping make him look modern.

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